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Wildlife at Appalachian Amusement Center

Appalachian Amusement Center is located less than three miles (as the crow flies) from The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, in a mountainous area, that is still mostly unspoiled by the encroachment of humanity. Many species visit the site, which is a wildlife sanctuary. No hunting is permitted, do not harass wildlife. Please be very careful driving to and from AAC not to hit our wildlife. As Appalachian Amusement Center has been under construction, most wildlife visits are at night, so our observations have been limited. Here is a list of species we know have been here:

Bear. Black Bear have been seen on and near AAC property..

Birds Birds click here to go to our birds page.

Bobcat. There are bobcats in this area.

Cougar. Cougar, also known as mountain lions, have been seen in this area, yet officially they are no longer here..

Chipmunk. Chipmunks have been seen on site.

Coyote. We frequently find coyote droppings on a large rock on the site. These are filled with fur, probably from rabbits.

Deer. During the early stages of construction, deer tracks were often found leading right up to the building. Deer have been seen on site early in the morning during the early stages of construction.

Elk. Elk have been released into the park. In early 2003 an Elk came near the site. Park rangers showed up to chase it back into the park.

Fox. There are foxes in this area.

Fungus Click HERE to see pictures of mushrooms at AAC.

Groundhog. Groundhogs have been seen on site.

Opossum. One evening in February 2001 I saw a huge opossum crossing the driveway. Tracks are often found.

Rabbit. Rabbits are regularly seen on the property. They come right up to the building at night. They often run in front of cars and play in the driveway and road, so please drive carefully.

Raccoon. Raccoons visit AAC late at night..

Reptiles Click here to go to our reptiles page

Skunk. There are skunk in this area.

Squirrel. Gray squirrels surely live on site.

Wolf. Wolves have been released into the park which is only a couple of miles away.

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