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Road Hazards

There are four potential road hazards we would like our customers to know about. If there are any special travel problems this is where we'll tell you about them.

There is no guarantee as to the accuracy or completeness of this information. It should not be considered a substitute for a professional service.

The Gorge. Truckers call the stretch of Interstate 40 from the North Carolina/Tennessee state line to Exit 20 the Gorge because it is a heavily winding road with steep cliffs everywhere. The gorge isn't a problem normally, but should be avoided during storms. And always keep your eyes open for rock slides.

Mountainous Terrain. Appalachian Amusement Center is located just a couple of miles from the southeast corner of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This area is quite mountainous. Severe winter weather may make the roads impassible for a day or two every year. You should probably avoid traveling here during severe winter weather. The roads in the park, and on the Blue Ridge Parkway, often are 6000 feet or more above sea level. Avoid these roads when the weather is questionable. The road between Cherokee and Maggie Valley is also very high and should be avoided when snow is on the ground. The Blue Ridge Parkway is usually closed through much of the winter.

Speed Traps. The stretch of Interstate 40 from mile marker 20 to 26 is well known for having speed traps. There are often more State Troopers in this stretch of road than the entire journey from Knoxville to Asheville put together.

Road Blocks. Occasionally, the local police set up a road block at Exit 20 to check for valid driver's licenses.

4-28-2010 There are currently no specific problems we know about with the roads leading to AAC. The Following are old reports to give you an idea of what can happen, and what has happened in the past. Please Drive Carefully !

10-26-2009 Interstate 40 is closed north of us due to a rockslide. It opened again on 4-25-2010

Tropical Storm Ivan has passed. Heavy rains caused a rock slide
that took out one side of I-40, a giant sinkhole took out the other
side of I-40 near the Tennessee/N. Carolina border. I-40 is now
closed from our exit going North. This will add an hour for people
coming from the north who must now take either 441 through
The Great Smoky Mountains Park south to the Blue Ridge
Parkway, to Soco Gap, and then to Maggie Valley. There may
be a road problem going from the parkway to Maggie Valley.
Or people will have to drive to Bristol, Tennessee and then
take I-26 to Asheville and I-40 from Asheville to AAC.
They say I-40 will be closed from 6 weeks to 1 year.
Tropical Storm Ivan is now dumping a huge amount
of water on our area and will likely result in flooding
of low lying areas, fallen trees, and possibly rock slides.
Check the current weather conditions page of this site
for further information.
9-16-04 This condition has probably passed as we haven't seen
the traffic backed up for over a week.
August 2004...
There is an intermittent bottleneck on I-40 north of us that
frequently causes huge traffic back-ups for people heading north,
(I-40 West). 
These backups often extend to exit 24 or even mile marker 26.
You may want to avoid using I-40 West when leaving AAC,
using 441 through the park, or I-26 North from Asheville.
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