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For four months we had several mailto links on our site. When you clicked on one of the "Make Contact" buttons, it called up a pre-addressed e-mail window making it easy and convenient for interested people to write to us. We later discovered that SPAMMERS have software that searches the internet for mailto links, and then distributes these addresses widely to other SPAMMERS. After four months we were getting hundreds of SPAMS each day. We started using Outlook's Junk Senders List to automatically delete SPAM e-mail. It turns out that only 30-50 SPAMS daily are from repeat addresses. The majority are from new addresses not yet on the junk senders list. It was now taking several minutes daily to add new SPAMMERS addresses to the junk senders list, and then delete the SPAM. Now the junk senders list has many hundreds of addresses, and this is slowing down the downloading of e-mail. Then we found out that Microsoft Outlook only checks the first several letters of addresses to identify SPAM. This means that when legitimate e-mail starts with the same characters as SPAM addresses on the junk senders list, it is being automatically deleted also. Why Microsoft would make outlook check only the first few characters instead of checking the whole address for an exact match is beyond comprehension. (But then so is the unreliability and vulnerability of the Windows operating system). We were forced to remove all the mailto links from the site. This didn't help reduce SPAM. We were forced to change our address. This of course wastes lots of time and energy, especially telling important contacts about the change.
This gave us an idea for attacking SPAMMERS. What if we have mailto links on our site addressed to SPAMMERS ? This should result in hundreds of SPAMS being sent to SPAMMERS by SPAMMERS. The idea is that, even if SPAMMERS don't actually receive the SPAM because they use fictitious addresses, it will clog up their domains and service providers to the point that they will have to be shut down, or at least cause the sending of SPAM to be slowed down. This will also cause the sending SPAMMERS to receive huge amounts of non-existing address notices, further jamming up their domains. We hate to do anything that might slow down the internet, but since the SPAMMERS are attacking us already, and since no one is doing anything about this problem, it is our only recourse. War IS War !
The mailto links below are all addressed to SPAMMERS. You may wonder why there aren't thousands of these. The reason is that Outlook will not allow us to copy/paste the addresses from the blocked sender list, or save them to a text file. Therefore we have to copy the addresses manually one at a time, which is highly time consuming, and is causing carpal tunnel syndrome, as is adding mail to the junk senders list, and deleting it. Will SPAMMERS pay my medical bills ? Many of the SPAMMERS addresses are so long that we can't see the entire address, and the window in Outlook that displays the junk senders list is very small and has no scroll capability so we can't copy these. Because it is so time consuming, we have stopped adding the many spam addresses we get spam from. If anyone out there knows how to copy the junk senders list to a text file, please write us and tell us how to do it. Unfortunately it's impossible to contact or get technical support from Microsoft.

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Recently we have continued to receive telemarketing calls at home even though it is now illegal. These calls are identified by coming from distant area codes, at night or in the early morning, and weekends, and no message is left. Upon calling these numbers back they are mostly busy, and no one answers when you do get through. If these were legitimate calls a message would be left, they would not come at night or on weekends, and someone would answer when we call back. For those who may be interested in investigating these mysterious numbers, they are listed here:

          817-786-1074       4:34 PM Friday     12-5-2003
          A helpful person told us that this number belongs to Warrentech Direct, a direct mail and telemarketing firm in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that tele markets extended warrantees..
          310-373-2192       2:33 PM Saturday 12-6-2003
          319-283-2865       9:32 AM Monday 12-15-2003
          201-291-1176       9:39 PM Monday 2-23-2004
          201-291-1176       7:16 PM Friday     2-27-2004
          804-747-6434       9:48 AM Tuesday  4-6-2004
          804-747-6434       5:50 PM Tuesday  4-6-2004
          These last two calls were Circuit City trying to talk us into buying an extended warrantee for a monitor we purchased 2 weeks earlier. At the time we told them we didn't want an extended warrantee. That's the last time we shop Circuit City !
          216-377-6240       7:02 PM Monday   4-12-02 A week ago I called Direct TV to inquire about service. This call was from Power Direct who sells Direct TV, waking me from a nap to try to sell Direct TV. I didn't like their deal anyway. Direct TV has a very limited selection of channels compared to the big dish. Their Fax number is 216-377-6241 Their web site contact page is
          630-305-0379       3:48 PM Monday 9-13-2004
          During the last week of the current political campaign we have been flooded with political telemarketing calls. Dob Dole called us and a friend on her cellular telephone. Of course we don't listen to telemarketing calls from anyone as we have no respect for anyone who ignore the national no-call list. Needless to say, we will NEVER vote for Bob Dole, ever. We NEVER vote for anyone who telemarkets.
          571-522-1899       10:03 AM Wednesday 10-27-2004
          904-361-7003       1:40 PM Wednesday 10-27-2004
          800-362-0796       6:00 PM Tuesday  11-23-2004
          These next calls came from Wachovia Bank. They called at night and left no message. When I called back to see what jerk telemarketer had waken me, I found it was my bank. They wanted me to make a deposit to my instant cash reserve account. I told them I would make the deposit, and that they were never again to call me before 11 AM or after 5 PM. I explained to them that they must leave a message when they call or they will never get in touch with me. They agreed. I deposited more than I had promised, when I said I would. But the next day more calls started pouring in. When I called back to see who it was calling at night without leaving a message, waking me, I found it was Wachovia again. They could not find why they had called. They said they had a note about leaving a message (because I screen calls), but that they would not stop calling me unless I wrote them a letter. I got very mad at them. Now I know why everyone calls these jerks "Walk-All-Over-You" This list is incomplete because they call so much that they keep wiping out the old records of their calls from caller ID memory.
          904-361-7003       7:04 PM Tuesday  11-23-2004
                                         9:21 AM Wednesday 11-24-2004
                                         7:41 PM Monday 12-6-2004
                                         7:41 PM Tuesday 12-7-2004
                                         7:50 PM Tuesday 12-7-2004 (800-421-5344 also Wachovia, this call left only beeps on my answering machine)
                                         9:05 AM Wednesday 12-8-2004
                                         8:50 AM Thursday 12-9-2004
                                         6:12 PM Thursday 12-9-2004
          I pity anyone who must do business with the "walk-all-over-you" bank. I have accounts there only because they bought First Union.
          904-489-8893       8:59 AM 11-3-2006 Also Wachovia
                                       8:47 PM 11-7-2006
                                       9:34 AM 11-9-2006
                                       7:46 PM 11-9-2006
                                       1:33 PM 11-15-2006
          606-833-0105       8:32 AM Wednesday 2-8-2006 I found this number on my caller ID and called to ask why they called at this early hour and failed to leave a message. I recognized the recorded message and the name of the contact, Melissa Pearson (606-877-0102 ext. 7017), as someone I have talked to before and told her never to call me again. But here, a few months later, she has called me again and again failed to leave a message. The company is located in Branford Connecticut. They claim not to be a telemarketing firm and that they follow all state and federal laws. Yet they repeatedly call people on the national no call list, even after saying they would stop doing so. As best as I can make it out from their recorded message, the company name is Wester, Inc.
          616-833-2855       8:42 PM Monday 2-13-2006  "Is the lady of the house is ?" They woke me from a nap.
          800-253-2638       7:00 PM Thursday 2-23-2006 When I called back to find out who disturbed me during dinner and asked why they aren't using the national no-call list: "We don't have to use the no-call list because we're not telemarketers" They were begging for money for the fire department. I now regret being part of a foundation that gave $10,000 to the local fire department 2 years ago...never again !
          800-253-5116     8:32 PM Monday 8-28-06
                                       8:23 PM Tuesday 8-29-06
                                       2:11 PM Wednesday 8-30-06
                                       5:53 PM Wednesday 8-30-06
          888-929-3282     8:22 AM Wednesday 9-6-06
          800-547-2597     3:53 PM Monday 9-18-06
                                       8:18 PM Friday 9-22-06
          I got a call from the Democratic party. I forgot to record the number. This is the second time Democrats have telemarked me in the last year. Needless to say, I will not be voting for Democrats.
          250-649-7428     6:22 PM Saturday 10-14-06 This was a company called Synovate. I was watcxhing a movie with a friend. The caller started talking at high speed and wouldn't let me get a word in edgewise. I  hung up on them without getting a chance to tell them never to call me again, or asking why they are so special that they can ignor the national no-call list.
          800-540-7969     3:53 PM 11-6-2006  ICT Group
          702-366-0961   10:03 AM 11-9-2006
          I see it has been a long time since I added numbers to this list. This is not because these criminally originated annoying calls have stopped or even declined. It is because I don't always have the time or energy to do it. Quite often I am awaken from a nap and am too upset to think clearly.
          732-451-1583     7:19 PM 12-5-2007 When I answered the phone, no one was there. I waited because I was in the mood to tell them off. No one ever answered. I now have a device that will block and added numbers from ever being able to ring my phone again. It is called a "Person to Person". This is the first number I have added to it.
          800-361-8354   9:51 AM  12-4-2007 I answered the phone and no one was there. I waited because I was in the mood to tell these criminals off. No one ever answered.
          801-623-4624   4:50 PM  12-5-2007
          704-542-9359   12:24PM  7-7-2009 Police Protection Fund
          580-939-7534     9:40 AM 11-21-2009
          980-939-7534     5:11 PM 11-24-2009 Fund Raising Information Center
          456-000-5756     5:21 PM 11-30-2009.
          980-939-7534     7:15 PM 12-9-2009 Fund Raising Information Center...When I call to find out why they don't use the National No-Call list to avoid disturbing people who don't want them to call, I find the only option to make contact is to give them my number and ask them to call.
          866-399-8233     10:23 AM  12-22-2009
          980-939-7534     9:44AM    1-6-2010 Now they call themselves the Fraternal Order of the Pollice. I wish they would stop harrassing me.
          666-777-0678     12:02 PM  3-15-2010
          708-833-9718     6:29 PM 4-14-2010  The caller ID said "Communication G" while the telephone company says this is Calvin Magee at 22411 Butterfield Road, Richtom Park, Ill. 60471 Phone is not answered and acts very strangley. It just keeps saying "Good bye"
          402-982-0422   1:17PM 4-20-2010 The Caller ID displayed "Service Message"
          813-290-6001   7:36 PM 6-12-2010, Saturday Verizon Wireless   They didn't leave a message and couldn't tell me why they called when I called back, so I don't know why they called me even though I am on both the National No-Call list, and the Verizon do not call list. They confirmed this when I called..
          704-707-4482   11:41 AM 6-21-2010  Donor Services
          614 283-1941     11:36 AM  7-24-2010 Discover
          702 347 7599     4:12 PM     7-29-2010 Out of Area  Left pre-recorded message  Cannot be contacted
          229 435 2170     4:04 PM   8-3-2010 Circulatons Im
          801-850-9336   11:26 AM 8-30-2010  Provo, Utah
          702-347-5058     5:23 PM   8-30-2010
          404-335-7161   10:03 AM 8-31-2010  Insuranco
          202-454-4416   5:19 PM    8-31-2010  League of Conse
          919-521-8593   7:30PM     10-11-2010  Out of Area
          866-491-0623   10:18AM  10-12-2010 Toll Free Call
          773-966-1039   10:33AM  10-13-2010 Biz Capitol
          866-491-0623   10:45AM  10-13-2010  Toll Free Call  ADS Global  If you call this number, you will hear hold music for about 10 minutes. Then someone may answer who claims they must have called by mistake because they do use the National No-Call List
          828 508-9185   3:23 PM  10-31-2010  Sunday  Jim and Marjorie Warren Telling me who to vote for
          702 347 6058     9:13 AM 11-10-2010 Out of Area...Obnoxious pre-recorded message
          702 347 6058     3:14 PM   11-22-2010  Out of Area   Pre-recorded message
          866 596 2773     7:49 PM   12-5-2010 Toll Free Call
          702 347 6058     12:03 PM  12-14-2010  Out of Area
          702 347 6058     5:22 PM   12-22-2010 Out of Area
          702-421-5256     5:47 PM    2-7-2010     Las Vegas, Nevada   This criminal always calls and leaves a prerecorded message offering business loans that dont have to be paid back. When I call to complain, there is no one to take my call. They are a Jib Jab customer.  Then there is a message advertising magicjack.com. Then it says the mailbox is full and they cannot take a message. There is no way to contact these terrorists.
          515-221-5645   8:37 AM  2-8-2010   Des Moines, In. Wells Fargo NA. No message. I called back at aprox. 10:30 AM. The man who answered the phone was very rude. I told him it is not allright for them to call me in the early moring,and not allright to not leave a message. The asshole rudly told me that "North Carolina State law says they can call as early as 7 AM and that they can't leave a message...and you know what ?...We're going to keep calling. I would change banks if I could, but I have been doing business with First Union for 22 years and everyone inthe local office knows me. It's too much trouble. I need to contact a lawyer.
          215-475-5480 10:22AM  3-21-2011
          406-219-2301   2:31 PM 9-6-2011 When I called there was no identification, only an opertunity to be removed from their list.
          503-902-8101   11:32 AM 9-24-2011 CFPP Research. When I called there was the options to take a survey or be removed from their list. I dont understand how these scumbags can put someone on their list who is on the National No Call List..
          335-000-1232 12:52 PM 9-26-2011 Caller ID:"Name Not Found" When I tried to call I got: "Call cannot be completed". Why does the telephone company let people make illegal telemarketing calls from a telephone number that cannot be called ?
          360-529-6186 5:09PM 10-30-2011 "Members Rewards"
          727-674-9999 5:14PM 11-1-2011  "Out of Area"
          206-496-0414 4:09PM 11-2-2011  "Pacific Tel"
          567-248-4400 2:45 PM  11-24-2011  "Phone Scam"
          919-863-4968 11:11AM  11-30-2011  Out of Area  Always busy
          612-454-1489 3:03PM 12-9-2011 "Private Ca;;" Not in Service

It's funny and yet sad that out of this whole domain, this is the page that people write us about, saying it has been of help to them when they tried to find out who was harassing them.m.

If someone out there can tell us who to report these crimes to so these criminals will be prosecuted, please let us know. Surely there is a class action lawsuit I can join !

This page last updated 9-28-2011