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Reptiles at AAC

Many varieties of reptilian wildlife inhabit the non public access areas of AAC property and are occasionally seen and even photographed.

What kind of lizard is this ? He was seen sunning himself on the concrete by the transformer. He is bigger than common lizards. He looked up at me, was aware of me, but didn't bother to get up.

This one was seen guarding the gate. It was aware of me but wasn't concerned.

Many Turtles live at AAC

We have these also. Can someone tell us what kind of Toad this is ?

Harmless snakes are frequently seen. I saw what I think was a fence lizard and we have what I think is a skink living in a block pallet.

On 7-16-2006 a large snapping turtle was in the driveway in the early morning and had to be moved for it's safety.

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