Please Read This Before Scheduling

Flying is a serious participation sport and has risks. Fliers must accept these risks and sign a waiver. If you have any medical problems you should ask your doctor if it is OK for you to fly. Minors must have a parent or designated guardian attend class with them and sign a waiver.

Fliers need to come with the proper clothing for flight. Please read the answer to the frequently asked question "How should I dress for flight?" on the AAC web site: You can wear your own jumpsuit, and helmet if it is a hard type. Face protection and closed ears are desirable.

A Basic Introductory flight is $30. This includes 2 minutes of flight time
The Advanced Introductory flight is $45 and includes 3 minutes of flight time.
The Deluxe Introductory flight is $75 and includes 5 minutes of flight time.
Be sure to ask about discounts for buying blocks of time greater than 30 minutes.

All flights include classroom, flight instruction, jumpsuit, helmet, goggles, knee and elbow pads, and a DVD of your flight,
Please allow at least 25 minutes to take the class, suit up, fly, and remove the jump suit.

You do not have to fly large blocks of time continuously without breaks. It is best to come with a small group of fliers. When you take turns flying with your group it is much easier to fly a block of time with fewer breaks. This is more efficient for us. We accept Cash, Master Card, VISA, Discover, American Express and Diners Club cards. We do not accept checks at this time, except from local schools and other qualified organizations.

Our wind column is exceptionally wide, smooth, quiet and fast. It is a full 12 feet, eight inches wide with a constant airspeed from edge to edge and with height, and no rotation. It easily accommodates four-way teams. It produces airspeeds up to 134 MPH. Earplugs are not required unless you are using an open ear helmet in which case the whistling of the helmet may be louder then the machine. Several skydivers have told us that our machine is no louder than, and sounds just like the sound of freefall.

Our wind tunnel is outdoors, and yet you can fly even when it's raining or snowing. You may get a little wet walking out to the net but while flying you will be kept dry by the wind, which not only dries you but also keeps the rain away from the wind column, and a few feet around it.

You can video record your flying to critique and to show to your friends. If you bring or buy a blank videotape or DVD-R, we can record your flights. We can record VHS, DVD-R, or Super-VHS. Bring only NEW tapes made by Maxell, Fuji, or TDK, or disks made by Verbatim, TDK or Maxell. Super VHS (S-VHS) has much better quality than regular VHS or DVD-R's, but probably will not play if you have a VHS-only VCR. You should label the tape or disk with your name and "Flying Tape". Please put your name on the end of the box too, we use this to identify which machine your tape is in when the tape is inserted. We have blank tapes and DVD-R's for sale at reasonable prices.

There are complete maps to our facility on the internet. Go to > AAC > Maps.

To find out about local lodging, go to the AAC web site, then to Frequently Asked Questions, and finally to the answer to "Where can I stay ?"

When visiting our facility please do not litter. Do not throw out cigarette butts, food, wrappers or containers. Smoking, eating, and drinking is forbidden in our building and on the rooftop spectator area. Running, jumping, climbing and shouting is also forbidden. No drinking of alcohol is allowed on site. Intoxicated people will not be allowed to fly. All children must be constantly attended by a responsible adult.

We are giving a 10% discount to active U.S. military personnel who can show us a current military ID

On days we are open, listed on this site, you can drop in and have a good chance of flying. But it is better to schedule ahead. Other days and times may be available if you schedule in advance. Due to the cost of peak demand power we cannot fly on summer weekdays from 3 PM to 6 PM. To schedule, please e-mail us at:

Or call us at (828) 926-WIND weekdays 10-5 PM ET