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Q. What is a propeller type Vertical Wind Tunnel ?

A. In a real wind tunnel, a wind tunnel fan causes a pressure differential that induces air to move through the machine. The machine itself does everything possible to make the air in the test section as smooth and consistent as possible. In a propeller type VWT, an airplane propeller located below the flight area, pushes air through the flight area. This air is quite turbulent and inconsistent. It is typically weak in the center, very weak at the edges, rotates clockwise as you look down at the propeller, and has rapidly changing airspeed and direction. These types of VWT are extremely loud, and difficult to fly in. If you drop something such as a coin, it can bounce off the propeller and hit a flier like a bullet. This may damage the propeller. The only advantage of this type of VWT is they are inexpensive, and can be easily made to be portable. The propeller itself is a serious hazard should it fail. Vertical Wind Tunnel Corporation does not design, produce, operate, or service propeller type VWT's.

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