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None of the sites on this domain will ever do anything to endanger your privacy or security. We do not tele market or send SPAM. We do not keep lists of visitors, nor do we buy or sell such lists. We will not put cookies, spyware, spamware, adware, or anything else into your computer. We don't do mass mailings or send junk mail.

We cannot be held responsible should someone alter or otherwise attack our site without our knowledge.

We ask that you treat us with the same respect and courtesy. Please do not send us SPAM, or hoax E-mail. Please do not sell our address to SPAMMERS, tele marketers, or any other criminals. Please do not attack our computer in any way.

We reserve the right to prosecute and collect compensation from attackers for damages resulting from such attacks.

Thank you

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What is SPAM ?
Spam is unwanted E-mail advertising sent by SPAMMERS. Spam sends sensitive information to the sender and may plant spy programs onto your computer. It takes an abnormally long time to download.

What is a SPAMMER ?
SPAMMERS are terrorists who are trying to destroy the internet by stealing our time, overburdening the internet, and breaking our computers. SPAMMERS are also companies who sell anti-spam and antivirus software. At least 98% of the E-mail we receive is SPAM. At least 90% of the E-mail sent through the internet is SPAM. The internet would be 10 times faster if it were not for all the SPAM. SPAMMERS refuse to pay for the time it takes to delete the SPAM, for the space it takes up on our computer, or for the service used to transmit it.
We pay for E-mail capability because we need this communication service, yet are forced to spend several minutes per day deleting an unwanted plethora of advertising.
SPAMMERS send advertisements to everyone, tens of millions of copies. They don't use their actual return address so you can't write them to complain. SPAM can easily contain computer viruses. Until you erase it SPAM takes up space on your hard drive. SPAM is often pornographic, or is advertising dangerous drugs. SPAMMERS use deception to try to get you to read their messages. For example, in the subject it says things like  "How's it going"; "I saw you today"; "I miss you"; "You've Won" and "Thanks again". SPAM takes much longer to download. For example, a legitimate message takes 1/10 second to download. A SPAM may take 2 minutes to download. Without SPAM it takes us only about 10 seconds to download our e-mail. Thanks to SPAM, it takes about 7 minutes to download our e-mail. Another annoying feature of SPAM is that we get five copies of the same advertisements from five different addresses each night, and most of the SPAM is the same, night after night, month after month. Here are some examples of SPAM we receive over and over and over again: "Find out almost anything about anybody"; "Banned CD"; "As seen on NBC, CBS, CNN, and even Oprah"; "Getting a mortgage loan has never been easier"; Wholesale Prescription Medications"; "Did you know the government gives away money for almost any reason ?"; "No. 1 penis enlarging pill on market" and "Generic Viagra".
Until recently, we had many convenient mailto links on our sites. Clicking on one of the "Make Contact" button would automatically open up a pre-addressed e-mail window so you could easily write to us. We recently discovered that SPAMMERS are using computer programs that search the internet for mailto links so they can send SPAM to them. We have been getting an unbelievable amount of SPAM and were forced to remove the mailto links and change how you write to us. Every day we were getting about 30 SPAMS from new senders, along with hundreds from familiar SPAMMERS.  We no longer had the time to wait for our e-mail to download and were missing important correspondences.

What can you do to ELIMINATE SPAM and SPAMMERS ?
First, you should do as we do. Every time you receive a SPAM, add the name of the company and the product to a permanent list, and NEVER buy any of these products, or from any of these companies.
Second, call and write your political representatives demanding that something immediately be done to stop this criminal activity. It amazes us that our government has the time and money to use high technology and vast resources to put kids in prison for smoking or growing marijuana, and yet will do nothing to stop the daily harassment by SPAMMERS and TELE MARKETERS, who waste millions of dollars of our time each day. Surely if they can catch Saddam Hussein they can also track down SPAMMERS and send them to live in cages in Guantanamo Bay with the other terrorists.
Most SPAM has a place you can click that promises to remove your name from their list. Authorities such as computer magazines and Microsoft all say that doing this only confirms that you are receiving the SPAM and will result in an increase in the SPAM you receive.
You should use a FIREWALL program with Stealth Mode so that when you visit sites your e-mail address is hidden. You should be very careful about who you give your e-mail address to. People who send you The Joke of the Day, or who send you internet greeting cards are giving your address to the enemy.
Click HERE to read about another way to stop SPAMMERS.

Tele marketers are terrorists who rudely invade our privacy hoping to find that one in a million fool who does not find their behavior offensive. They intentionally waste our time and overburden the national communications system. At least 90% of the telephone calls  we receive are from tele marketers. If  90% of all calls are telemarketing calls, it is obviously the fault of tele marketers when we hear the message "All circuits are busy, please try your call again later". Our home phone receives these invasions from 7 AM to 1 AM, 7 days a week. We no longer answer incoming calls, and have disconnected all the ringers. We shouldn't have to pay for phone service if we are forced to receive advertising. Let the advertisers pay for our phone service, or stop abusing it. Tele marketers refuse to use the Direct Marketing Association list of people not to call because they don't want to be bothered. Often these calls are generated by automatic calling machines, if a salesperson is not available when you answer the phone, no one speaks to you when you answer. Most telemarketing calls only register as "Out of Area" on the caller ID so you can't possibly call them back to complain. Many TELE MARKETERS are rude and obnoxious. 

What can you do to put an END to TELEMARKETING ?
First, you should do as we do. Every time you receive a telemarketing call, add the name of the company and the product to a permanent list, and NEVER buy any of these products, or from any of these companies.
Second, call and write your political representatives demanding that something immediately be done to stop this criminal activity.
Third, if you have the time,. keep TELE MARKETERS on the phone as long as possible. Demand to talk to their supervisors and harass them. Try to break their spirits and damage their pride. Ask them why they don't get a legitimate job. Try to find out who their parent companies are and add them to your boycott lists.
Legally, TELE MARKETERS must keep a list of people not to call, and must add your number to this list if you ask them to. In reality, TELE MARKETERS do not keep these lists, and it is impossible to prove they are breaking this law. We often receive calls from companies who we have told before never to call again.

SPAMMERS and Tele marketers use the excuse that the right of free speech makes spamming and telemarketing acceptable. What about the right to privacy ? What about the theft of our time, and the abuse of services we pay for ? Using our personal E-mail service and telephone service to advertise is like riding along in our personal cars trying to harass us into buying something we don't want. If we don't have to let these people ride into our cars, why do we have to let them invade and abuse our phone and E-mail services ? When door to door salesmen get out of hand we can resort to fences, locked gates, vicious dogs and automatic sprinklers. But what can we do to lock out SPAMMERS and tele marketers ? If the government feels we must receive these unwanted interruptions, they should pay for the time and services.

NEWS FLASH October 1, 2003 The National NO-CALL list goes into effect thanks to the compassionate intervention of President George Bush. Just days before the activation of this wondrous thing a federal judge ruled that the FTC doesn't have the authority to enforce the law, and another federal judge ruled that the law would violate the right to free speech of the tele marketers. It's frightening to realize that people with such bias are in positions of authority. It's suspicious that they attacked the list just days before it's enactment. It would be interesting to know how much tele marketers have paid these people to compromise the needs and rights of the people they are paid to protect. It's funny to note that many tele-marketers and federal judges are on the list.

JUNK MAIL is the paper equivalent of SPAM. Junk Mail is unwanted mail sent by strangers. Junk Mail is a bad thing for several reasons. First it costs money, time and energy to dispose of. There is the gas you use to haul it to the dump. There is the energy you waste carrying it in from the mail box and carrying it to the trash bag. There is the space it takes up sitting in your trash. Because your mail carrier must deal with it, it is responsible for the rapidly increasing cost of mail service. There are the rain forests that must be cut down to produce the paper, and the pollution produced when processing the paper.

This space is devoted to exposing those companies who send the most junk mail.

BANK ONE is the worst offender I have seen. I have been getting up to one letter daily from them. Do they really think that if they keep sending the same junk that I will eventually give in and buy ? I called them four months ago to tell them to stop sending junk mail to me. They told me it would take six weeks to stop sending me the junk. I told them that was unacceptable and I wanted it stopped immediately. They said they couldn't do it any faster. I think that is incredibly pitiful and inept. Two months later I called them again and they told me the same junk. I told them it had been two months already and the junk hadn't stopped coming. While talking with them I was informed they had given my address to other junk mail companies. I told them that was completely unacceptable and demanded they stop sending junk mail immediately and to have all the companies they gave my address to to stop sending it immediately also. Two months later I am still receiving junk mail from Bank One. I pity the fool who does business with or invests in a company who cannot control their obnoxious and wasteful tendencies. Bank One must waste billions of dollars a year sending unwanted rain forests of paper to the nations dumps. Can you imagine how inept a company must be to take over a few days to stop sending JUNK MAIL to a person demanding it be stopped.Several months later I am now receiving one a day from them. Their latest spam doesn't have any indication on the envelopes of who they are from. They only say "Please Do Not Discard". I won't discard it, I'll return it to them in their own postpaid return envelope.

Wall Mart constantly puts catalogs in everybody's post office boxes, at least once a week, and the Post Office will not respect a box-holders request to not receive it.

The following companies have also been sending a lot of Junk Mail:

American Express
Capitol One

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