These pictures were taken on June 20,2009 when Nitro Circus came to tape for the TV show, page 3.

Here the parachute is being packed. It was packed for a base type jump, so it opened very hard when opened at roughly 120 MPH.

Here the parachute rig is strapped to the dummy in preparation for it's death defying stunt, opening in the wind tunnel.

This picture shows the dummy immediately after landing.

Here you see the man basket almost ready.

Travis Pastrana stepped out of this man basket 80 feet above the net as measured with a laser range finder from the net to the bottom of the basket. He stepped directly into the wind column and slowly flew down to a safe height.  What really makes this stunt amazing is that it was a windy gusty day and yet the wind column was obviously smooth and consistent up there..

Our appearance on Nitro Circus can now be seen by purchasing the Complete Nitro Circus Season Two DVD.

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