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that we thought you might find useful.

Vertical Wind Tunnel Manufacturers:

Aerodium (Francois St-Germain)  (Formerly, Jean St-Germain)
Telephone: (450) 209-0929

Aero Interactive Inc.
Address: Aero Interactive Inc., P.O. Box. 1421, McAfee, NJ 07428
Telephone: (973) 827-5853
Fax: (973) 827-4839

Aero Systems Engineering (formerly FluiDyne)
Address: Aero Systems Engineering, Inc., 358 E. Fillmore Ave., St. Paul, MN. 55107 USA
Telephone:(651) 227-7515
Fax:(651) 227-0519

Airodium AG
Address: Airodium AG, Oberglatterstrasse 35, 8153 Rumlang, Switzerland.
Telephone: ++41 (0)1 817 02 09
Fax: ++41 (0)1 817 03 84


Free Flight Indoor Skydiving Pty Ltd. Australia
Address: Free Flight Indoor Skydiving Pty Ltd. Australia
P.O. Box 1091, Palm Beach, Queensland, Australia
Telephone: +61 7 5535-1519
Fax: +61 7 5535-1522

Indoor Skydiving Germany
Schubertstr. 10
D-80336 Munich, Germany
Office: +49.89.543557-44
Fax: +49.89.543557-45
Mobile: +49.171.8 3232 91
Owner and director: Dr. Manuel Dohr

Juan Pablo Perez Gonzalaz
(52 1)   333127-8618

Sky Fun 1
Address: 6805 Visitors Circle, Orlando, Fl.
Telephone: (407)903-1150


TVL (Phil Roberts) U.K.
Telephone: 00 44 1454 631594

UOSS Action Entertainment Group
Telephone: 55 11 30978653

Vertical Wind Tunnel Corporation
Address: P.O. Box 698, Lake Junaluska, N.C. 28745
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X-Treme Entertainment
Address: XtremeEntertainment, 2836 Belleglade Ct. S.E.,
Grand Rapids, Michigan 49546
Telephone: 1-800-992-8676
Fax: (616) 957-7858

Other Wind Tunnel Sites:

Here's a great Directory of Research Wind Tunnels

Bodyflight Network
Vertical Wind Tunnel Industry News, Headlines, Photos and Videos in an online community of Bodyflight enthusiasts and stunt fliers.

Here's a site showing birds flying in wind tunnels;StandardProducts/
Small research wind tunnels
Buy a Laboratory Grade wind tunnel
Wind Tunnel Teachers Guide
Technical Information about Low Turbulence Laboratory wind tunnels

Another nice Wind Tunnel picture From

Skydiving Related Sites:

United States Parachute Association
The U.S.P.A. Home Page is a good starting place for anyone interested in the sport. (Includes membership and certification information.)

The Enclave
A complete skydiving index and FREE classified ads.

Norman Kent Productions
Vector III rigs for sale, products, services and tips for photographers.

Tee Shirts for the extreme...skydiving shirts & jewelery, links and more.

Skydive World
One of the web's best resources for the skydiving community.

The skydive E-zine produced by the people at Skydive World.

Skydive Archive
A good general resource with many links and a great deal of information.

Skydive Archive: F.A.Q.s
Answers to your questions. Parachutes
A must stop for anyone interested in skydiving and parachutes in general. Drop Zone List's List (very extensive) of Drop Zones and schools in the U.S. and world wide.(Has other links to skydiving and aviation related sites.)

Véloce skydive (France)
A great site with many more skydiving links to explore!
The World FreeFall Convention home page.

Skydiving Magazine Home Page
Subscribe to this excellent magazine...

Aerospace & Astronomy:

Aviation Week & Space Technology
News & information about aviation.

Jane's Information Group Home Page
Lots of links to timely world news & intelligence.

Recent Hubble Space Telescope Images
More incredible views!

Search Engines:

Click HERE to see a large list of search engines you can use to find things on the internet.

Fast FTP Search
Find Software Archie style (Searches multiple FTP sites)

d i s i n f o r m a t i o n
Fun and informative. (Be sure to lock your doors!)

Virtual Sites Home Page
Links to just about everything.

Recommended Rock and Roll albums


Here are some useful sites for people who use Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Products and Applications Index
The source for all of Adobe's fine Graphics products.
A wealth of information for anyone who does graphics or desktop publishing.

Hands On Training by DocOzone
One of the best (and nicest looking) sites for learning what photoshop
can do.

PC Resources for Photoshop
Lot's of PC specific Photoshop goodies.

The Action Xchange
Actions are very powerful.

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