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Where can you stay when visiting Appalachian Amusement Center ?

There are many places you can stay when visiting Appalachian Amusement Center. There is a Quality Inn at the south end of Jonathan Creek. There is an Econo-Lodge on Russ Avenue going to Waynesville. There is another hotel a mile east going to Asheville near the Wal-Mart plaza. Maggie Valley has a plethora of motels and cabins of all sizes and prices. Maggie Valley is seasonal and many places will be closed in the winter. At certain times of the year all rooms could be booked, for example, when the leaves change color. It is best to make reservations in advance.

Here are some links to local hotels: khst=1&locn=Maggie+Valley%2C+North+Carolina&ploc=Maggie+ Valley%2C+North+Carolina&loid=&&zz=1102926147937& y%22&OVKEY=maggie%20valley&OVMTC=standard


There is a very expensive but very nice place called The SWAG located just a couple of miles from AAC on a mountain top close to 6000 feet..


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