History and Philosophy of
The Vertical Wind Tunnel Web Site

In 1997 I had been flying in VWT's for 14 years and had compiled a couple thousand hours of flight time in several VWT's. A friend asked if I wanted him to create a web site for me which he could use to showcase his new web site design service. I decided that a directory of VWT's would be a service to users, and give validation to the sport. This web site was on the internet by the middle of 1997.
The site has attracted many many potential VWT buyers with a multitude of questions, and VWT owners have contacted us with constant updates.
The site has become a database of VWT facilities. It has attracted people from around the world who have helped by providing information and pictures of distant VWT facilities. The list has rapidly grown as facilities have come on line, and a few have gone away.
The site moved to the verticalwind domain during the 2002 holidays due to the closing of our ISP. For more information about his move
click here.
VWT owners often ask why the airspeeds and diameters listed on this site are not the same as their published specifications. The answer is simple. This information is often highly exaggerated. The information on this site is derived from actual measurements, or from a detailed direct comparison with a research grade VWT whose airspeed is known. This provides a better service by allowing users to realistically compare the performance of different facilities.
When airspeeds and diameters are estimated for the site, this is done by a group of professional fliers who have thousands of hours of flight time including recent flights in a VWT with an accurate airspeed readout. By going back and forth, flying in a new VWT and in a VWT with known airspeed, in exactly the same flight suits, it is possible to accurately estimate the actual airspeed of the new facility.
Facilities are listed on the site as soon as we know someone has flown. Facilities which have closed remain in the directory so that the information is as complete as possible. Closed VWT's have often reopened.