Download Information

Here is some information on downloading computer video clips. We are currently using the .wmv format because the files are very small while the visual quality is very high. For your convenience we plan to eventually add clips in other formats such as .avi, .mpg, .mov, etc.

Recent versions of Windows Media Player will play these clips. You can download and save the file first, and then play it (most reliable way) by saying "save as" and specifying a location for the file, or you can select "open" to load the file directly into media player or some other video player. Your browser may ask if you want it to play the video clip. If you say yes it will play in a small window. You can double-click the video window to make it fill the screen. You may have better results by saying no. This will invoke media player. It should play the clips in a full size window which can be made to become full screen. 

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