Description of the Vertical Wind Tunnel Corporation L-1 Design

The L-1 high-performance vertical wind tunnel is an open-circuit design. This means the air is not recirculated. This is an advantage as the air is much cooler and cleaner. The standard L-1 produces a 12.5 foot diameter jet of air at speeds in excess of 130 miles per hour using a custom built wind tunnel fan. The airspeed is consistent from edge to edge and with height, with no rotation, and very low turbulence. The machine is very quiet and efficient.
The high quality jet is much easier and more pleasant to fly in and is ideal for skydiving training, four-way teams, expert fliers, and live shows. Beginners learn to fly much more quickly in a high quality jet.
The design can easily be configured as an outdoor or indoor facility, with or without a tube. An outdoor machine is more attractive and pleasing, an indoor machine works well in any weather. The design is scalable. It can be produced for a wide range of jet diameter and maximum airspeed.
The machine is made mostly from concrete and steel. It can be mostly burried. It is approximately 110 feet long, 50 feet wide, and 20 feet tall.

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